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“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exceptional training and facilitation you provided to my teams at the Commonwealth Bank, when we rolled out the cultural change learning program. We always sought participant feedback about our training programs and each of the sessions you delivered received by far the highest rates of satisfaction (over 95%, for every session) than any previous training we’d run.”
 If brain fitness, agility, and the ability to order thoughts into a cogent process was a contact sport, Dr. Kerry Maberly would be already in the Hall of Fame! She has a great ability to educate and influence across every level. It becomes evident very quickly Kerry has the academic credentials, real life experiences, personality, teaching expertise, empathy and imagination to deal with people in a learning and mentoring environment.

Kerry’s teaching sessions are always engaging and challenging. With the ability to make people question and wonder, students are treated to a cleverly constructed, well researched and brilliantly delivered romp through the topic at hand. One comes away from a session with Kerry feeling challenged and informed with a definite bias to action. Kerry challenges her participants to think differently, take action and achieve. 
Kerry regularly provided expert and tailored facilitation and training services for our members which were always extremely highly rated – in fact one corporate client said she was world class. As a facilitator she could engage a wide group of people and keep them enthused all day.
The program was comprehensive and worthwhile – average score of 4 on a 4 point scale
I feel more knowledgeable – average score of 3.8/4
I feel it will have a positive impact on my performance – average score of 3.6/4
The quality of the program was excellent.
Great program – wish I had more career time to maximise my potential. Enjoyed the camaraderie and support of colleagues.
Best leadership course I have ever attended.
I found the training confronting and rewarding and I will not think the same way again – that is a positive!
This was the best training I have ever participated in. It made me really look within myself. Some doubts still creep in but I can deal with these now. Thank you so much.
Excellent program. Provided valuable time and techniques for self-reflection and leadership orientation. I enjoyed every moment.
It has made me think differently about other staff perceptions and how these can be managed – something that other leader programs have not provided in the past.
I gained so much, in so many ways from this experience. For me, the fact that the group created such a positive and supportive environment gave me confidence to openly participate and to share freely.
That was an amazing experience. Can we do this once a month please!!!

Great course – Kerry was fantastic!
Good not just for work but whole of life.
Thank-you for providing all of your wealth of knowledge and keeping us laughing and engaged.
In a senior relieving role, it was great to have more tools to encourage and coach new and existing staff.
Very useful for all areas of healthcare.  Very good course, very effective. Kerry was very knowledgeable.
I feel confident in applying the skills outside of the classroom.  I.e., I actually got something helpful out of this course.
Kerry was an excellent presenter.  Knowledgeable, engaging – I didn’t get distracted or look at my phone once.  I really enjoyed this course.
Our managers are often excellent ‘technicians’ who become managers without the skilset.  This provides practical frameworks to use in their roles.
Kerry is brilliant!  Very relevant and learnt a lot.  Can’t wait to ‘edit’ my circle of concern.
The course content was very relevant as I manage people who are often defensive.  We were given good strategies.  Very informative. Kerry was excellent.


Dr Kerry J. Maberly
Dr Kerry J. Maberly Ph.D.

The challenges we can help you to solve….

Building self-awareness: What thinking patterns, habits or ways of interacting are in your blindspots or that of your team? What is the impact of these patterns of thinking and behaviour on your decision-making, on your work relationships, on your customers, on the work climate or culture of your organisation? What are you doing that is working well and you choose to repeat? What is having a negative impact? When you have insight, you can choose to do something about it.

Bridging people skills gaps: Are the conversations you are having at work creating the desired outcomes? Are your interactions enabling your team, customers or patients to feel listened to, heard, respected, cared for and valued? Are you facilitating collaboration, creative thinking and cross-boundary team working? Do your team members feel confident and comfortable in having conversations about sensitive or high risk issues?

Embedding new thinking & behaviour long-term: The brain can be challenged in creating change and often wants to default to earlier behaviours or habits. Learn how you can support your brain and that of your team members and customers to sustain change more successfully.


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